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The joy of mayonnaise - Geeta Bector, Mrs Bector's Cremica

One of the must have sauces in the Indian kitchen today, mayonnaise is a healthier and yummier choice

Have you seen in-your-face advertisements and billboards of mayonnaise in India? Hardly. Yet, it is increasingly being seen in the typical Indian household. The sauce has made its way to the Indian kitchen and Indian palate almost clandestinely.

In its journey of over 250 years, mayonnaise known as mayo has become a widely-travelled and great settler. Every place it has gone to, it has become a flavour to follow.
Starting from France, it has conquered the palate-kingdoms of almost all the world. There is a popular saying that goes – those who do not like mayonnaise, are only those who have not tasted it yet.
India is predominantly a vegetarian country. So mayonnaise was not a big hit earlier because of its egg content. Mrs Bector’s Cremica identified this gap and on the basis of its understanding of local requirement, it adapted its product and introduced Vegetarian Mayonnaise.
So what makes mayonnaise the world’s favourite sauce?
It makes the best sandwiches, Russian salads and dips. It is also a mother sauce from which an unlimited variety of sauces and dressings can be created. If you feel inventive indulge yourself. You will find the mayonnaise with its smoothness and mild flavour an ideal starting point for your creativity. Many also consider mayonnaise an ideal add on for any meal. With its sublime taste and delectable looks, it goes with almost any kind of food. The younger generation has also taken to the sauce in a big way. Considering that it is a healthier option and a great source of Vitamin E, it has gained great popularity among the present generation.
While for some the reason is conjuring up their meals, for others its health benefits. Mayonnaise has medical benefits too. Mayonnaise is naturally free of trans-fats and is made with heart-healthy oils such as soybean, canola and with omega-3 fatty acids. Doctors recommend mayonnaise with at least one meal for seniors as it helps reduce the risk of stroke. Mayonnaise is particularly good for women. Mayonnaise contains Vitamin E, which protects postmenopausal women against strokes, according to research published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition. It is also quite helpful in treating depression, arthritis and colon inflammation. Moreover, mayonnaise is much lower than butter in saturated fat which is better for your heart. For the calorie conscious, reduced fat mayonnaise is the right pick. For those willing to experience new tastes, mayonnaise is also the ideal sauce for food experiments.
Some facts about mayonnaise
  • Originated in France some 250 years back
  • It is the mother sauce from which unlimited variety of sauces and dressings can be created.
  • It acts as a preservative and keeps the sandwiches fresh for longer time.
Research has proven that commercially prepared mayonnaise is carefully prepared with ingredients such as vinegar, lemon juice and salt to create an unfriendly environment that slows down and even inhibits the growth of bacteria and, indeed, can kill it. Thus, it acts as a preservative and keeps the salads and sandwiches fresh for longer period.
Geeta Bector is the VP - Research and Development at Mrs Bector's Cremica

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