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A social entrepreneur — Vinod Kapur, Keggfarms Pvt Ltd

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Vinod Kapur, Chairman, Keggfarms Pvt Ltd,is one of those entrepreneurs who puts a premium on rural development just as he is keen to facilitate business expansion. His vision and commitment has put his Delhi-based poultry breeding company - Keggfarms Pvt Ltd - on the growth trajectory. It is now a well-known name in the poultry business.
Returning to roots
Mr Kapur completed his engineering from the Loughborough College of Technology, UK in 1965. After working with a reputed match box company for a brief period of time, Mr Kapur decided to pursue his dream of becoming an entrepreneur. Subsequently, he established Keggfarms Pvt Ltd in 1967 and became its operational head in 1973.
Soon after foraying into the poultry business, Mr Kapur realised that the Indian poultry sector was lagging behind western markets in terms of adoption of genetic breeding of poultry stocks. The domestic market was still characterised by traditional modes of poultry breeding and this was affecting the overall growth of the market. This prompted him to develop genetic breeding of poultry stocks at his company in 1972. Subsequently, the company received official recognition from the Department of Science and Technology as an R&D centre for poultry breeding.
Innovating to succeed
Mr Kapur believes that constant innovation is the key facilitator of growth and recognition in the poultry business. Therefore, he has undertaken a number of initiatives to offer the best quality products to his customers. Under the brand name ‘KEGGS’, Mr Kapur pioneered the concept of branded table eggs in the country. These eggs are sold in greater Delhi and will be marketed soon in other metros as well.   
A social entrepreneur
Mr Kapur has made significant contribution to rural poultry development to eradicate poverty and create a reliable source of income in rural parts of the country. His business model has empowered the rural population in generating higher incomes. In his words, “Rural poultry has provided steady income to a large section of the rural population, particularly women. Hence, its potential has to be tapped to the fullest extent to alleviate poverty from the country.”
To promote rural poultry on a national level, Mr Kapur has been actively working with several non-profit groups, government associations and international organisations. His objective is to spread awareness about rural poultry and voice the issues concerning the sector before policymakers in the country.
Leading a winning team
Over the years, Keggfarms Pvt Ltd has carved a niche for itself in the poultry segment under the able guidance of Mr Kapur. Mr Kapur’s relentless efforts to contribute towards rural poultry development have fetched his company several prestigious awards. The company won the first ‘Innovation for India award’ in 2006 for reviving the rural poultry segment. It has been recognised by several government associations including the Confederation of Indian Industry (CII) for generating employment and income for rural households.
“Keggfarms is the only Indian company to receive the government of Bhutan’s approval for supplying egg stocks to the country,” says a proud Mr Kapur. His team credits him for inspiring them to attain greater heights.
Beyond work
Despite his busy schedule, Mr Kapur always finds time to unwind. He is passionate about Hindustani classical music and hosts several traditional baithaks for music lovers like him.

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