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Aroma of success

O P Agarwal Chairman and Founder, AMBO Group

OP Agarwal, Chairman of AMBO exports, an agro-based company, is a dynamic entrepreneur. Under his guidance, AMBO attained Government of India recognition, and has been an “export house” status holder since 1998.
A sound foundation
Mr Agarwal founded the AMBO Group in 1992 with an aim to export tea in bulk and value-added form. Prior to that, he held a managerial position with a multinational company for more than two decades, where he learnt the rudiments of the business. He had gained enormous experience in the domains of export management, marketing and promotion, and selling of consumer goods and finance. This experience helped him immensely in founding the company.
His administrative skills, proficiency and motivation were instrumental in establishing AMBO as one of the leading tea brands in the world. Not only that, his zeal and commitment further helped AMBO gain a foothold in various business sectors.
Striking a rapport
Mr Agarwal had strong personal acquaintances in a few of the main tea importing countries, including Russia, Saudi Arabia, UAE and others. These contacts helped the AMBO Group achieve an enviable position among the many Indian tea exporters. The business got a further boost when Iraq and Pakistan began to import tea and today, AMBO boasts of a ‘two-star’ status.
Mr Agarwal has used his geniality to forge relations with a number of associates the world over. These personal skills have helped AMBO secure quite a few customers from across the globe. A few of the markets that the AMBO Group caters to are Afghanistan, Argentina, Bangladesh, Canada, Indonesia, Iran, Iraq, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Malaysia, Pakistan, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Sri Lanka, Switzerland, Singapore, Thailand, Turkey, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, the United Arab Emirates, Vietnam, as well as the Egyptian markets and developed markets such as Europe and America.
Entrepreneurial expertise
Mr Agarwal believes that it is only with a positive frame of mind that any entrepreneur can make a name for himself in the industry. In fact, it has been his willingness to take risks and his expeditious decision making potential that has assisted him in taking AMBO to the top of the rung.
Mr Agarwal opines, “Any entrepreneur can be assured of achievement if he has a few basic qualities in him. A comprehensive understanding of the business and markets, evaluation skills, risk bearing ability, proficient finance management and confidence are the core characteristics of a successful businessman.”
Future plans
Mr Agarwal predicts a significant growth of agro industries in the coming years, “In fact, with more and more markets opening up for these products, the industry is sure to get a boost. We have no doubt that we shall be a world leader in this field.”
The AMBO is also looking beyond the tea business to diversify its risks. It has successfully branched out into other agri-related commodities such as Indian spices, grains & pulses, crude & refined edible oils, processed & packed food, fruits & vegetables, confectionaries, biscuits, gherkin, animal/poultry feeds and more.
Mr Agarwal concludes, “I am confident that I can make AMBO a frontrunner in agri-business and am optimistic of achieving a group turnover of almost Rs 2000 crore within the coming 4 to 5 years.”

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