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Food Processing Company Review

Aaha Impex - the king of spices

Long-term relationship with suppliers and clients key to the company’s rapid growth and dominance in the food industry

With more than a decade of experience in the spice and processed food industry in India, Aaha Impex Pvt Ltd stands out for its wide range of products and strong commitment to quality. Competitive pricing, customer oriented approach and timely delivery of products has made the firm one of the most preferred suppliers. Apart from this the firm has also carved a strong niche in the international market and enjoys its presence in countries across the globe.

Aaha Impex has also formed lasting strategic relations with various other companies and assisted other firms to enhance their market presence. The company is also committed towards the customer in the most transparent manner and a group of market analysts in the firm make sure that all new trends in the food industry are tracked and the customer is well informed of the same. Aaha Impex procures products from the best known players in the FMCG and food processing industry and also ensure the most hygienic and high quality of packaging of the products.
Aaha Impex is located in Mumbai
Line of Business
Manufacturing, supply and export of spices.
Product portfolio:
  • Organic Spices
  • Organic Cereals
  • Spices
  • Indian Food Masala Mix
  • Herbs
  • FMCG Products
  • Pickles
  • Chutneys
  • Gravies
Apart from these, Aaha Impex also deals in some of the best known brands in the food industry that include MDH Masala, Everest Masala, Pachranga, Bedekar’s, Pravin Pickles, Neem and Rooh Afza, among others.
Quality Assurance
Specialised spice range
Aaha Impex specialises in cooking spices like chilli, cumin, fennel, coriander, fenugreek, turmeric and herbs like zedoary roots, jaiphal, jeevanti and asgandha. Rich aroma and aristocratic taste of ground spices are the hallmark of Aaha Impex’ range.
Resourcefulness in Spices and Herbs
The company’s resourcefulness in spices, herbs and other botanical resources and the study of nature’s healing properties has enabled it to convert challenges into opportunities.
Extraction of the Herbs
Aaha Impex gives special attention to factors that affect the effectiveness of spices and herbs such as environment in which plants grow, time of harvesting and the method of processing. To retain the highest percentage of alkaloids and colour, it dries herbs in shade. Some of the herbs are harvested from tough and mountainous terrains that are free from pollution. Some of these bio-herbs and wild custom herbs are in great demand.
Warehousing Facility
Aaha Impex also boasts of a large warehousing facility to store sufficient volumes of FMCG products, Indian spices and other consumable items, which are manufactured in-house. High standards of quality in the warehouse are duly maintained. The quality of the outsourced products is regularly monitored.
Airtight and safe packaging of all the spices and other food products is ensured. For packing spices and related products, poly packs and corrugated boxes are used. The FMCG products come in the sturdy packaging of corrugated boxes.
Shareholding Pattern
Aaha Impex is a private limited firm.
Vimal J Sawansukha is the director of Aaha Impex Pvt Ltd.
Not disclosed
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