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Food Processing Company Review

Pure and Fresh International making Indian processed foods global

Vast product range and strict adherence to quality standards makes the company a force to reckon with in the food industry

Pure and Fresh International is one of the best known names in the import and export of food products. The company has carved a niche in the supply of processed foods over the years and is also known for its wide range of products. The company adheres strictly to all the quality standards to ensure that the products are safe for consumption and have high nutritional value. A team of quality advisors ensure that every product offered by the company has been packaged, sourced and processed under the most hygienic conditions.

Pure and Fresh International is located in Pondicherry.
Line of business
Exporter and trader.
Product Portfolio
Coconut Products
Copra Fruit, Fresh Coconut, Coconut Milk, Desiccated Coconut, Tender Coconut, Coconut Fiber, Coir Pith, Coir Products and Coconut Shell based Products.
Frozen Foods
Frozen Idiappam, Frozen Vellayappam, Chemba Puttu, Vegetable Biryani, Fish Masala, Banana Fry, vegetable cutlet, Frozen Unniyappam, Veg Puffs, Halwa Black, Grated Coconut, Sliced Coconut, Frozen Drumsticks, Green Chilli, Jack Fruit, Long Beans, Red Onion, Sambar Mix, Fresh Tapioca and Agathi Keerai
Frozen Processed Foods
Vazhachundu Thoran, Drumstick Curry, Dal Masala, Vegetable Upma, Ceylon Porota, Fresh Frozen Potato, Egg Curry, Seerfish Curry, Tandoori Chicken, Meat Curry, Shrimp Curry, Elayada, Frozen Vattayappam, Masala Dosa, Fresh Frozen Baby Okra, Fresh Frozen Aviyal Mix, Chilli Chicken, Koothu Porota, Carrot Halwa and Malabar Porota
Indian spice items
Red Chilli, Chilli Powder, Kashmiri Chilli Powder, Turmeric Powder, Cardamom Seeds, black Pepper, White Pepper, Coriander Seeds, Cumin Seeds, Black Mustard Seeds, Nigella Seeds, Carom Seeds, Fennel Seeds, Fenugreek Seeds, Asafetida Powder, Garam Masala, Fennel Powder, Ginger Powder, cumin Seeds Powder, Onion Powder, Dried Garlic and Amchoor Powder
Retort processed food
Sri Lankan Fish Curry Gravy, Sri Lankan Chicken Curry Gravy, Pepper Chicken Gravy, Chettinad Chicken Curry Gravy, Chettinad Fish Curry Gravy, Kerala Chicken Curry Gravy, Biriyani Gravy, Puliyodharai Mix, Tomato Rice Mix, Lemon Rice Mix, Vatha Kulambu Gravy, Kara Kulambu Gravy, Ladies Finger Kuzhambu, Katrikka Pirattu, Yam Curry, Avial (Tamil Style), Avial (Kerala Style), Wild Yam, Raw Drumstick, Banana Flower, Tapioca, Drumstick Leaf, Raw Jack Fruit in Brine and Jack Seeds in Brine.
Ready to eats
Banana Chips Sweet, Banana Chips Salt, Banana Chips Chilli, Tapioca Chips (Salt & Chilly), Tapioca Stripes (Salt & Chilly), Jack Fruits Chips, Bitter Gourd Chips, Kerala Mixture, Corn Mixture, Mumbai Mixture, Murukku (Sticks & Round), Pakkavada & Ribbon Pakoda, Roasted Green Peas, Roasted Chana, Tikha Gathiya, Jaggery Candy, Jaggery Candy Ball, Banana Cuts, Banana Cuts Sweet, Roasted Cashews and Jack Fruit Chips
Ready to eat snacks
Banana Roast, Frozen Boli, Frozen Neyyappam, Frozen Porotta, Frozen Kumbilappam, Ready To Eat Payasam, Aval Vilayichathu, Sambar Dal, Frozen Kuzhalappam, Idly & Sambar, Samosa Veg, Uzhunnu Vada, Frozen Palappam, Channa Masala, Aviyal Mix, Kerala Appam, Kareemen, Parippu Vada, Fresh Frozen Cut Mango (Green) and Fresh Frozen Gooseberry
Other foods available include
·                     Sea Food
·                     Veg Pickle
·                     Non Veg Pickle
·                     Olive Oil
·                     Pulp Items
·                     Crispy Papad
·                     Yellow Maize
·                     Edible & Industrial Salt
·                     Fresh Vegetables
·                     Fresh Fruits
Other products
·                     Candle and Handmade Products
·                     Human Hair
·                     Horn Products
·                     Granite Slabs
·                     Iron Ore
·                     Brazil Sugar
Quality Assurance
Utmost care is taken by the company to ensure that the products supplied have the highest possible quality and are accepted in the international market. A team of quality auditors monitor the quality of the food products right from the procurement stage to the final delivery.
The biggest strengths of Pure and Fresh International include:
·                     Sound management ethics
·                     Unadulterated products
·                     On schedule delivery
·                     Hygienic packaging
·                     Capability to meet huge market demands
Shareholding Pattern
Pure and Fresh International is a partnership firm registered under Indian Partnership Act 1932.
Mr Selvam is the proprietor of the company

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