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Delhi largest consumer of processed food: survey

Changing lifestyles and improvement in packaging technology key growth drivers of the processed food industry

A recent survey conducted by the Associated Chambers of Commerce and Industry (ASSOCHAM) showed that metropolitan cities will be the highest consumer of processed foods in the country. The survey showed that 82% of the working population preferred eating packaged foods than street foods in the metropolitans. It also revealed that Delhi is the largest consumer of processed food among all metropolitan cities in India.

The survey also revealed that processed foods are preferred by nuclear families where the parents are working as well as bachelors living in hostels or PGs who want to avoid cooking. The survey also states the important factors behind the growth of the processed food industry. These factors include the growth in organised retail, improvement of the packaging industry, higher access to freezers, urbanisation, changing demographics and the rising levels of income.
Growth expectations
The food processing industry is also expected to grow at 40-60% over the next 5 years, according to ASSOCHAM report. It also states the growth will be further encouraged by the change in the trade rules. This is a rather welcome report for the food processing industry and is also likely to boost investment into the sector.
The Indian food processing industry has witnessed phenomenal growth in recent years due to changing outlook of the average Indian consumer. With more money and better health awareness consumers are looking for not just quality food but also hygienic packaging and appearance. “One of the key growth drivers of the Indian food processing industry is the rise in demand from the urban customer, who wants to save time from cooking and also needs more safety,” states food expert and homemaker Meena Ganguli.
Also by allowing more FDI inflow into the retail sector and a large number of international companies showing interest in the Indian market, more innovative and new forms of processed food is likely to enter the market. As lifestyles get more hectic, the consumption is expected to rise.
Tias Chakraborty

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