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MFDA collects Rs 36 crore through licencing

Growth in licencing collection bears testimony to the massive growth in the food processing sector in Maharashtra

In a welcome development for the food and agriculture sector in Maharashtra, the Maharashtra Food and Drug Administration (MFDA) has earned a whopping Rs 36 crore as licence fee till March 31, 2012.

The information was revealed by MFDA commissioner Mahesh Zagade as a part of the interaction with officials from the agri and food processing industry at a recent event. He added that this was the highest fee earned by the organisation till date and is also the highest in the country. He explained that earlier the amount would be in lakhs but this time the hike has been huge.
The food processing industry
The hike in the number and amount of licencing bears testimony to the massive growth in the food processing sector, which has come under the purview of the government since the recent Annual Budget. The sector has been highlighted mainly because of its importance in context of the agriculture sector. According to agriculture and food processing expert Nitin Kamath, “The food processing industry plays a crucial role in addressing the issues of food storage and wastage.”
According to Mr Zagade the recently framed Food Safety and Standards Regulation Act, 2011 is at par with the international Codex standards that focuses on hygiene and sanitation. He added that MFDA will play an important role in facilitating and supporting the food processing industries to comply with the safety and standard norms.
The event also saw Mr Zagade unveil a directory for food processing industries in the country. The directory has been compiled by National Agriculture and Food Analysis and Research Institute (NAFARI) and comprises of 2500 agri and food processing companies in Maharashtra. This is a great boon to the food and agri sector in the region as it will facilitate the search for vendors, suppliers and service providers for the industry.
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