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Food Processing Poll Feature

Making food processing a career

More and more students are opting for food processing as a career due to growing and dynamic nature of the industry

In spite of food processing being one of the largest and most rapidly growing sectors in India, food technology as a subject of study is yet to become popular. A common misconception regarding the subject is that it has limited scope in the urban context and may only be useful for people working in the semi-urban or rural sector. The reality is however a far cry from the perception as more and more international players enter the food processing industry and develop state-of-the-art R&D facilities.

In a recent poll conducted by FoodProcessing360, voters unanimously agreed that food processing today has emerged as a lucrative career option. Considering the latest developments in terms of FDI, the industry is likely to receive more interest of students in the future.
Growing trend
According to HR consultant Amrin Iqbal, “A lot of students today are keen to enter the F&B industry. There is also a great increase in interest towards food processing and technology in recent years.”
According to Dr V H Potty, renowned food technologist and chairman of Diversified Food Technologies (India), Mysore, “In countries like India, most industrial units engaged in food processing, especially in the informal sector, does not have properly trained personnel and their survival depends on the ability of the entrepreneurs to use common sense for maintaining quality and safety. Raising a pool of technicians who have the credentials to work in a food processing factory is an urgent necessity and institutions for such training need to be established in large numbers through out the country. Organised food industry however regularly employs food technology graduates from universities without much of hands-on experience and these new recruits become well versed with various facets of processing and their management within a few weeks. They are able to perform well because they are equipped with the fundamental knowledge of food and its diverse characteristics.”
For an industry that has the potential to solve food problems of the country, careers in food processing and technology are bound to go places.
Tias Chakraborty

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