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Canned food can result in too much wastage

Chemical reaction and adulteration can increase the chances of canned food being wasted

The processed food industry has evolved a lot over the last few years. There has been a phenomenal increase in the demand of processed food in recent times. These food items are available as canned foods at hypermarkets and food retail outlets. Canned foods are growing in popularity amongst consumers, mainly because they are easy to maintain and require less time to be cooked. They also do not lose their natural taste pretty easily.

However, canning of foods can often lead to a lot of wastage. In a recent survey conducted by FoodProcessing360, 100% respondents opined that canned food means too much of waste. Since canned food products often lose their nutritious qualities and as these are not immune to adulteration, it often happens that the food is not consumed entirely, leading to wastage.
According to Dolly Kumar, director of GAIA, “The demand for processed food has increased over the last few years owing to the increasing consumer demand for healthy substitutes of daily food items.” However, when the ‘healthy’ factor comes under a scanner, consumers become sceptical about the food product.
In the context adulteration, Dr V H Potty, food technologist and chairman of Diversified Food Technologies (India), Mysore, said, “The ‘Law of Adulteration’ operates on an economic scale and higher the cost of a food, more incentive is available to the fraudster to go for adulteration. Thus very few cases of adulteration are reported in low cost foods like cereals and others while high cost substances like edible oils, pulses and spices are frequently tampered with.” Thus these food items while being canned might be victims of food adulteration.
Several factors are involved while canning a food product. Cans are usually made of metal. This increases the chances of it getting rusted. A rusted can increases the chances of the food indulging in a chemical reaction with the rust. Therefore, the chances of the food getting wasted become high.
Sambuddha Sengupta

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