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Relying on food recipes on the Web

In spite of the Internet becoming the largest source of information, most people prefer traditional sources of food recipes

There is nothing one cannot find on the Web and that includes things of daily use. Food recipes which used to be a coveted entity before the advent of the Web, have for some reasons lost their allure today. In spite of the Web being clogged with recipes from across the globe, the credibility of these has come down drastically. This is mainly because experienced cooks and chefs are aware that almost any layman can upload content on the Web and recipes published might lack authenticity.

A recent survey by FoodProcessing360 saw voters unanimously voting that the Internet can not be entirely relied on for recipes. According to Mumbai based management professional Reetika Chatterjee, “I rely on traditional recipe books for recipes. The last time I cooked following recipes from the Internet, it did not work out well. Also some of the good websites on recipes are not free and paying money for recipes is not an acceptable idea for me.”
Since most of the renowned chefs and other food professionals have their own website, they can also be a great source of recipes. However, access to such websites comes with its fair share of hassles, which includes registration or payment.
The right way
In India the concept of relying on food recipes on the Web is even more unpopular because the common internet user is yet to completely trust the internet medium as a source of reliable information. Techniques such as banking, folding, roasting and grilling, which require appropriate equipment, can also lead to misadventures if one relies solely on the Web for them.
Even while checking food ingredients or chemical component of foods, one should refer to at least three reliable websites before using the information. Food blogger and advertising professional Shiny Das comments, “The Internet is good for looking at cooked food not for cooking food. The ultimate place to find the best recipes is at the bookstore.”
While the Internet may have an answer to most of our questions, adapting to the complex nature of man’s demand for food and taste will take some time.
Tias Chakraborty

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