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Change of food habits can reduce food wastage

Small changes in the eating habits can help reduce wastage of food

Food habits of a community or a even a family can go a long way in curbing food wastage. Habits such as consuming potato peels and peels of other vegetables as well as boiling the bones of meat for stock are some of the common habits that families can inculcate in their food habits to reduce wastage of food.

A recent survey by FoodProcessing360 saw 67% of the respondents agreeing that food habits practiced in households can go a long way in curbing food wastage in the country.
According to Dr VH Potty, food technologist and chairman of Diversified Food Technologies (Mysore), “Wastage of food due to spoilage on account of physiological changes, chemical reactions, physical factors, micro-organisms, pests and insects has been a concern of mankind ever since the dawn of modern civilisation. The problem assumed more and more sinister dimension when it became clear that the fast growing population may encounter food shortage one day if availability falls short of requirement.”
Small changes can make a big difference
Simple processing techniques such as concentrating, sterilisation or simply adding preservatives increases the shelf life of food and therefore reduces wastage due to spoilage. Considering that wastage of food is a major issue in the Indian context, small changes in the habits of the consumer can go a long way in solving the issue.
Mumbai-based food expert Meena Ganguli suggests the following points to reduce wastage:
  • Fry edible peels
  • For increasing shelf life of meat, soak it in brine
  • Pack with cellophane before storing in refrigerator
  • Do not buy too many vegetable or too much meat or fish at a time
  • Encourage children to finish their meals and keep their plates clean
With food shortage emerging as an important issue, the government with the help of schools as well as other mediums should encourage the young generation to develop food habits that reduce wastage.
Tias Chakraborty

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