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Quality factor in Indian meat

Survey reveals mixed reaction about quality of meat in India, future bright for the industry

Almost every individual who has travelled abroad and tasted meat in developed countries find a major difference in the quality in India. This is mainly because the processing techniques and the cattle feed is of poorer quality in the country. Though some developed nations import processed meat from Asia, many of them often complain about the standards and safety of the products.

A recent survey by FoodProcessing360 saw a mixed result from the voters with 25% of them feeling that the meat quality in the country was below standard but 50% disagreed to it. Another 25% could not form an opinion on the subject as it is likely that the standard of meat is different in different parts of the country.
Meena Ganguli, homemaker and an authority on food, says, “There is definitely a difference in taste but I think that has to do with the processing, packaging and cooking techniques of the meat.”
Scope for improvement
Some experts feel that unhygienic slaughterhouses, unskilled butchers and lack of processing machinery make domestic meat poor in quality. Some, however, feel that the Indian weather helps enhance the quality of meat in poultry and cattle and their consumption of natural feed makes them safer to consume.
Food technologist and chairman of Diversified Food Technologies (Mysore) Dr VH Potty says, “Meat industry in developing countries is undergoing significant changes and modernisation is the mantra with the help of some of the advanced countries like Denmark. Hygienically sound and mechanised abattoirs are being set up in many developing countries, chiefly to meet the stringent quality standards of the importers. Safety is ensured through rigorous inspections by qualified personnel deputed by the buyers.”
With some international players entering the warehousing and processing industry in India, it is likely that more processed meat products will be seen in the market. The quality overall is also expected to improve in the days ahead.
Tias Chakraborty

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