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Indian Sugar Mills Association (ISMA)



Indian Sugar Mills Association (ISMA), the premier association of the sugar industry in India, was formed to safeguard and benefit companies dealing in sugar and sugarcane development. It is mainly engaged in promoting the Indian sugar industry.


Some of the key objectives of the association are as follows:


  • Circulate statistical information on the sugar industry in India
  • Voice issues to the government pertaining to sugar and sugarcane
  • Publish research reports on international and domestic sugar situation
  • Assist in acquiring Sugar Development Fund Loan for modernisation and cane development in the country
  • Introduce incentive schemes to facilitate the expansion of existing as well as the new units


ISMA publishes various journals such as Indian Sugar, Hand Book on Sugar Statistics and Press News-Sugar Industry, among others. As a member of ISMA, one can get vital information concerning the sugar industry as well as address concerns before the authorities.

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