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Federation of Biscuit Manufacturers’ of India (FBMI)

The Federation of Biscuit Manufacturers’ of India (FBMI), a premier industry body, represents the interests of the organised biscuit industry. An apex body of the biscuit industry in the country, FBMI is actively involved in promoting biscuit exports to various parts of the world.
FBMI is constituted by biscuit manufacturers belonging to both small-sized and large-scale industries.
Some of the primary objectives of the organisation are as follows:
·         Safeguarding the interests of the Indian biscuit industry
·         Compiling and circulating market research reports and useful information pertaining to the biscuit industry
·         Forging agreements with government bodies to formulate policies concerning the biscuit industry
·         Establishing trade linkages with foreign agencies
·         Providing technical assistance to members of the organisation to help increase their export volumes
By becoming a member of FBMI, one can access regular updates on international best practices existing in the biscuit industry. FBMI is also a good platform to interact and network with biscuit manufacturers from across the world.

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