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Mettler-Toledo Introduces New Metal Detector

Mettler-Toledo Safeline—a leading supplier of metal detection and x-ray inspection solutions for the food and pharmaceutical industries—has launched its ‘Profile Select’ metal detector. The new rectangular metal detection systems offer sensitive detection capabilities for both wet and dry products on food production lines. Incorporating Variable Frequency technology, the Profile Select offers highly accurate inspection, irrespective of the packaging material or the moisture content of the product.

Traditionally, only dry products could be successfully inspected at metal detectors’ maximum sensitivity setting. This is because wet or ‘conductive’ products create an electrical signal, called a ‘product effect’ that can disguise the signal generated by metal contaminants. Profile Select metal detector will enable manufacturers of high moisture content food products to avoid compromises between operating efficiency and product quality. Contaminant detection in wet and dry products have been using metal detectors with Tuned Frequency technology. These metal detectors can be configured to have a number of operating frequencies to address specific products. However, this can restrict inspection flexibility in cases where manufacturers produce a wide range of products.

Profile Select detectors utilise Variable Frequency Technology that automatically selects the most suitable frequency for each application, thus providing maximum detection sensitivity to production lines. The machine’s auto-set function selects the optimum frequency for the product being inspected, providing maximum product quality, enhanced process flexibility, optimised equipment performance and enabling overall cost savings.

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