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Alicat Scientific Introduces MFC Series Mass Flow Controllers

Alicat Scientific—designer and manufacturer of mass flow devices— is launching its MFC series Mass Flow Controllers. These controllers provide precision gas flow control for a variety of food and beverage processes. The units accurately regulate flow of process gases, attaining and maintaining flow setpoints in less than 100ms. Alicat’s MFC series can be used in sparging, blanketing, filling and injection processes, in food and beverage production.

The MFC series units are calibrated for 30 inert gases and a number of corrosive gases to quickly and accurately measure pressure, temperature and volumetric flow in addition to mass flow. Alicat’s patented laminar flow differential pressure technology delivers results with a faster response time than that of other competing technologies. The MFC has a response time of less than 10ms and a control time of 100ms, making it one of the fastest naturally responding mass flow controllers in the market currently.

The MFC operates simply as a stand-alone device and is easy to install. The unit has an integrated digital display, which enables users to change the configuration of the meter without needing computers, complicated software or scripts. For more complex operation, the MFC interfaces with most process control software without requiring any additional equipment or controllers. The mass flow controller units come with NIST traceable calibration sheets and are supported by a lifetime warranty. Alicat Scientific’s mass flow meters and mass flow controllers can be used in a variety of measurement and control-based processes.

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