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FORBIOPLAST Optimistic about Wood Fibre Bioplastic Food Packaging

An EU-funded project—Forest Resource Sustainability through Bio-Based Composite Development (FORBIOPLAST)—has revealed that biodegradable plastic food packaging materials possess the capacity to challenge standard plastic packaging in the food processing industry.

With 30–50 percent of plastics in Europe being used for packaging, the industry is under pressure to develop sustainable alternatives. Hence, FORBIOPLAST was established to create environment-friendly food packages from forest and paper industry by-products such as tree oils and wood fibres. The initiative has been successful in developing cost-effective and environmentally sustainable packaging solutions, which can potentially replace petroleum resources.

However, this new food processing technology still has various ‘limitations’ to overcome, especially with respect to high pressure processing (HPP) and long storage constraints. Hence, a range of tests are underway to determine the safety and migration features, as well as the feasibility and marketing potential of these packaging materials with respect to various kinds of edible products.

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