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M&S Launches New Ethylene Absorber for Berry Preservation

Marks and Spencer (M&S) has launched an ethylene absorber, which is expected to increase the shelf life of strawberry punnets up to 50 percent–from four to six days. It will also enable the fruits to taste fresh for a long period.

This packaging system–used at the point of sale–measures 4.5—8cm, and was previously used in transit packing. Ethylene is an organic compound that helps fruits to ripen. The strip has an active ingredient comprising a patented combination of clay and high tech minerals for better ethylene absorption. Although the technology is well-established, this is the initial instance of its application to retail of individual strawberry punnets. M&S claims that the strip helps realise a minimum waste saving of four percent.

The ethylene strip is currently being developed and supplied by the packaging firm, It’s Fresh!, which is a subsidiary of UK-based Food Freshness Technology Holdings Ltd. The product is a part of the company’s Plan A sustainability initiative. M&S has confirmed the addition of its ethylene absorber will have no effect on the price of the strawberries. Future plans for 2012 include applying the same packaging technology to all of its fresh berries.

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