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NIN Urges Bakeries to Use Technology for Better Nutrition

The National Institute of Nutrition (NIN) has made recommendations to bakeries to implement technological innovations to increase the nutritional value of their products. It has suggested that bakeries replace calorie-dense ingredients with healthier options such as zero trans-fat, high fibre and micro nutrient fortification options.

Dr B Sesikeran – Director, National Institute of Nutrition, Hyderabad, observes that changing lifestyles and socio-economic changes in the country are paralleled with an increase in the popularity of bakery products. Besides, with increasing health awareness among consumers, there is a need to include organic ingredients into bakery products. Using locally available nutritious ingredients such as full bran wheat, honey, beans and millets can help reduce the cost of bakery products and make them healthier too. According to NIN, the Indian bakery industry needs to develop products with vitamins, whole grains and fibres to meet demands.

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